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Tabletop Accessories

Dice Chests and Rolling Towers

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Our Dice Chests are made from craft boxes covered in polymer clay, detailed in acrylic paint, and varnished with polyurethane to add shine and durability.

The dragon scale boxes have color-shifting scales, coating in Solar Color Dust's Super Chameleon Ghost pigment. The scales shift between three different colors in the light!

Our Dice Rolling Towers are constructed from wood board covered in clay and detailed in acrylic paint. The trays are lined in felt, and the tower lays into the tray for storage or travel.


Tabletop Miniatures

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Our miniature figures are made from foil armatures covered in polymer clay. We have sets of cats and dragons as 10 of the standard D&D classes pictured below, but also offer full 13-class sets! 

Custom classes, weapons, armor, and animals can be made as well!

Miniatures are, at their base, roughly 1" by 1" to fit on a standard playing grid.

See the pictures below for close ups of the classes, as well as some examples of custom orders we have done!

Unpainted miniatures will be one to two shades of grey clay with no varnish. The different colors represent different strengths of clay types. The transition between the greys may not be seamless in spots, but they are smoothed down and will not be noticeable once painted.

Painted miniatures will be detailed in acrylic paint and varnished with polyurethane to add gloss and protection to the paint.

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